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  • Brand: KREG
  • Model: KR KMS7200
  • Weight: 10.46kg
  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 10.00cm x 10.00cm
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Precision Band Saw Fence

A new level of band saw accuracy
Most band saw blades don’t run perfectly perpendicular to the front of your table. There’s always just a little bit of 'drift' that prevents you from getting precise cuts even when you are using a fence. The Kreg® Precision Band Saw Fence easily adjusts to your blade’s drift angle to provide you with a new level of band saw accuracy. This fence mounts to most 14' (356mm) band saws right out of the box and can be modified to fit many others by drilling a single hole in the aluminum mounting rail.

Never before has a band saw fence allowed you to accomplish such a wide variety of cuts. This fence adjusts both for blade drift and perpendicularity to the blade (essential when cutting thin veneers). In addition, the fence can be quickly changed to a low-profile position to allow the blade guides to be moved closer to the workpiece. Plus, the fence can accept re-saw guides or Kreg® Stops for use in additional applications.

Rigid Design
The aluminum fence is incredibly strong, straight, and built to last for years to come. The face and top of the fence contain T-slots for adding stops, re-saw guides, and more.

Easy to Remove
When you don’t need the fence, remove it in seconds—no tools required! Just loosen the locking knob and lift the fence from the mounting rail, which is located below your table’s surface so it won’t get in the way.

Precision Lens Cursor
Magnified and easy-to-read for even the smallest adjustments, the thin red line on the Precision Lens Cursor lets you accurately set up the fence for cutting veneer, tenons, and more.

Adjustable in Two Dimensions
This fence is unique in that it adjusts to set up perfectly square to your table and blade. Two simple adjustments allow you to set the fence to match blade drift, greatly enhancing cutting accuracy.

  • Adjusts to blade drift angle
  • Can be changed to low-profile position
  • Fits most 14' (356mm) band saws
  • Fence accepts re-saw guides or Kreg® Stops
  • Can be modified to fit most any band saw
  • Precision Lens Cursor for exact measurements
  • Allows for blade drift and perpendicularity
Features Two-position fence
Precision measuring
Direct fit to most 14' band saws
Construction Anodized aluminum
Adjustability Adjustable for perpendicularity to table, and for blade drift
Compatibility Micro Adjuster
4 1/2' and 7' Resaw Guides
Swing Stop
Production Stop
Pre-drilled holes fit most 14' band saws
Dimensions Miter Bar: 3/8' T x 3/4' W x 24' L
Includes (1) Mounting rail and hardware
(1) Clamp block with precision lens cursor
(1) Kreg® Heavy-Duty Trak
(1) adhesive-back measuring tape
Owner's Manual

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