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  • Brand: BESSEY
  • Model: BS EZS15-8
  • Weight: 0.72kg
  • Dimensions: 365.00cm x 225.00cm x 40.00cm
  • SKU: BS EZS15-8
  • UPC: 400815803458
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Bessey® One-handed clamp EZS 150 x 80mm

Order number: EZS15-8

One-handed clamp EZS



The extremely sophisticated technology makes it possible – single-handed clamping and spreading of workpieces with up to 2,000 N clamping force.

Thanks to the intelligent release mechanism, the upper section can be quickly converted from clamping to spreading without the need for tools.

The ergonomically shaped 2-component plastic handle with pump lever is positioned behind the rail, enabling a powerful grip.

The protective caps on the clamping surfaces guarantee material protection and secure clamping.


Bessey® One-handed clamp EZS

Bessey® One-handed clamp EZS

  • Clamping force up to 2,000 N
  • No tools required for spreading thanks to intelligent release mechanism in upper section
  • Ergonomically shaped 2-component plastic handle behind the rail
  • On carded hang pack
Bessey® One-handed clamp EZS
Order number Opening (mm) Throat (mm) Spread (mm) Rail(mm) Weight (kg)
EZS15-8 150 80 170-360 19 x 6 0.72
EZS30-8 300 80 170-510 19 x 6 0.83
EZS45-8 450 80 170-660 19 x 6 0.93
EZS60-8 600 80 170-810 19 x 6 1.04
EZS90-8 900 80 170-1110 19 x 6 1.26
Bessey® One-handed clamp EZS

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